A decision you
can be proud
to make



Taking care of a loved one is a stressful, tiring situation. It takes so much time out of your day it can become your entire life.  

You may have reached the decision that the best way to look after your mum or dad is to move them into a home.

It’s completely natural, especially for people of faith, to feel conflicted about the choice. You question whether you’re doing the right thing, you wonder if you’re being selfish.

The love and respect we have for our parents is coupled with a strong sense of duty to them. But, you’re not abandoning your responsibility by giving them the gift of full-time care.

Intergenerational Care – Health & Happiness

When your loved one joins us, their life improves. Their needs are met every hour of every day. They practice their faith alongside other followers of Islam. And, they become part of a community, meaning they no longer face the pang of isolation from living alone.

Our intergeneration scheme adds a unique element to our home which offers profound benefits. Mixing twice a week with the children from our on-site nursery improves the wellbeing of our residents.

For many, helping young children adds greater purpose to their lives, giving them something to look forward to. For others, it’s a chance to reminisce on their own childhood.

Even for residents with dementia and those close to death it provides a special kind of cognitive stimulation.
By letting us relieve you of the care duties, you can enjoy more quality time with your loved one. Your relationship gets better because you’re less stressed and more focused.

The cost of care understandably enters into most people’s decision making. But, have you considered how much you already spend looking after your loved one yourself? Add in the added benefits of care and the cost is marginal.

It’s a fact of life that we all grow old. Inaya Care isn’t just the best way to look after one person in your family, it is the best decision you could make for every generation of your family.